Required Documentation

Required Documentation

Required Documentation for Capacity, Infrastructure, Technical Assistance, and Catalyst Grants

Following is a list of the documentation required during the application and reporting process. This is a generalized check-list and does not include the narrative statement that is required to be submitted with the application and each report. Every grant is unique and the following will be tailored to match the organization’s project. This is only meant to serve as a sample, and to provide applicants with an understanding of the resources required to successfully complete a UMEZ grant. During this process UMEZ staff may request additional documentation, based on your request (i.e. lease agreement, planned scope of work, etc).

LOI Requirements

Application Requirements



Please submit as many of the governance documents listed below as currently exist for your organization.

Grant Closing Requirements
If approved, the following documentation is required:

Applicants requesting $100,000 or more are required to obtain and show proof of VENDEX clearance from the City.

Given how much time this process takes to complete, UMEZ staff will reach out to the applicant to provide this documentation prior to the approval of the grant.

Examples of the documents listed below are made available during the grant closing process.

Reporting Requirements
UMEZ reporting requirements and deadlines are tailored to the proposed project, and are mutually agreed upon prior to the signing of the final grant agreement. UMEZ funding is distributed throughout the course of the grant, and each report deadline is tied to a disbursement date. Disbursement amounts are also determined by the project budget and timeline.



Non-Personnel (i.e. software, hardware, equipment, capital improvements, materials, etc)


Matching Funds

For matching grants, you’ll be required to submit a list of matching funds secured during the reporting period, with the corresponding grant letter, contract, or other transmittal form.


UMEZ Project Monitoring

Please note: UMEZ requires two reports a year.
Reports are not considered complete until all deliverables are submitted and approved by UMEZ.  
Grant payments will be disbursed approximately 10 to 15 business days following the final approval of the complete report.