BRISC Highlights

BRISC Highlights


Jado Sushi & Wine Bar

is located on Harlem’s “Gold Coast” at 2118 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 114th and 115th Street. Motonobu Otsu, the restaurant’s owner, describes Jado as “a blend of sushi bar and wine bar that serves variety of sushi with wines to match the food. The feeling of the restaurant is modern and polished, yet warm and welcoming, with an innovative use of lighting that adds a drama to the interior. The overall design scheme is contemporary with hints of urban sexiness and Japanese minimalism.” Mr. Otsu is a Harlem resident and also the owner of the Winery, a wine store located near the corner of 116th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard. A $200,000 loan from BRISC assisted the principal with the purchase of equipment, inventory, and some of the start-up’s working capital needs.


Pie Pie Pizza, located in Washington Heights on Amsterdam Avenue at 166th Street, offers a fast-paced casual dining experience for its customers. Open during lunch and dinner hours, Pie Pie offers customers a choice of artisanal thin crust pizzas, fresh salads, handmade whole wheat baked empanadas, and gluten-free pizzas.

Bob Radiovojevic, the restaurant’s owner, has more than 10 years in the restaurant and catering businesses. BRISC’s $60,000 investment, which closed December 2012, represents approximately 55% of the project’s total start-up costs.

Bibi Salon, located at 2220 Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 120th Street in Central Harlem, is owned by Maisha Teacher. The salon is a multicultural full-service salon that specializes in every type of hair.

A $115,000 BRISC loan provided the SoHo-style, four-stylist salon with funding that helped to meet the start-up’s build-out, furnishing and equipment, inventory, and working capital costs.


Mamajuana Tinto Wine Boutique is a wine boutique in Inwood, at 241 Dyckman Street between Seaman and Payson Avenues. As a provider and promoter of premium wines, the wine boutique adds an attractive dimension to the Inwood community that complements its current demographic and recent development. BRISC’s investment of $188,702 assisted the principals, Victor Osorio and Carlos Saint-Hillarie, with the project’s preconstruction/planning, build-out, and working capital needs.

Acelero Learning is a for-profit company that operates Head Start programs and services around the country. In 2010, Acelero Learning relocated its headquarters from 2271 Third Avenue to 63-65 West 125th Street between 5th Avenue and Lenox Avenue. The new facility occupies two floors (5th & 6th floor) totaling 4,000 square feet in a newly renovated/constructed 6 floor building. Founded in 2002, the company received a $250,000 BRISC loan that closed March 2010, which financed the company’s build-out for the new space and provided additional working capital for its relocation.

Harlem Shake is a new quick-service restaurant located at the corner of Lenox Avenue and 124th Street. Principals Jelena Pasic and Emil Radoncic state that the restaurant provides a unique dining experience replete with the highest-quality food ingredients in an atmosphere that reflects a subtle celebration of vintage Harlem.The restaurant, located in an area that some refer to as "the epicenter of Harlem," fills a need that exists in Harlem for a “third place(s)," a place other than home and the office. Harlem Shake sells an upscale casual food experience alongside excellent customer service in a locally specific environment, and employs high-tech 21st-century design and ordering techniques to speed up service time and introduce fun and interaction between the customer and the establishment in an innovative way. The BRISC investment in this project was a $200,000 loan.